About Rik Erickson and Murals Fantastic

I began my love affair with art at the age of 5 when my father showed me how to draw Mickey Mouse. I started drawing a lot and learned what art was about. I was raised in the Air Force so we traveled constantly from state to state and overseas. I had a wealth of landscapes to inspired me along the way. Arizona stood out the most in terms of beauty.

My mural business began in 1985 after being a fine artist and showing my paintings at over 34 art galleries here and in the Chicago area. I have passed the C-33 state Licensed Contractors exam which is now required by law for all muralists. (A lot of muralists don’t follow this law)

Most of my customers are repeat customers or referrals. Some find me on the internet who then become repeat customers.

Completed murals are painted by myself and I only bring in other artists and craftsmen on large projects when required by time constraints…
but only when I am on the job-site and monitoring at all times. I have several competitors in the area but I take my work seriously
and my main advantage over my competition is an eye for detail and realism…and over twenty years of higher art experience.

You can find some of my canvas paintings here: CANVAS PAINTINGS

Besides the quality control, knowing the proper paints to use, correct prepping procedures and understanding
perspective and vanishing points, color relationships…as well as knowing when to stop an artwork before it turns gaudy and overdone is important.

Commissions include the City of San Diego, Gaslamp Quarter Association, U.S. Marines, Coast Guard and many homes and businesses.

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Memberships include:

The National Society of Mural Painters

Artisans By The Sea

International Decorative Artisans League (IDAL)


Murals Fantastic is a fully licensed, bonded and insured painting company.

State Contractors license # 995011

Background and Skills

With literally hundreds of world-class trompe l’oeil, murals, faux finishes, custom artwork and unique projects completed, I have a long list of credentials, references, satisfied clients and a broad based knowledge of all aspects of the artist’s trade.

I am fluent in most types of beautiful faux wall techniques including Marble and Stone Replication, Old- World Plasters, Aged Patinas, Color Washes, Glazes, Venetian and Italian Plasters, Belagio, Hand-Painted Embellishments and more. I work with some of San Diego’s top interior designers and give my clients the highest level of color coordinating and color matching.

“This is knowledge that can not be learned in school for a few semesters…It comes from thousands of hours of hands-on work, yielding a high level of intimate skill and knowledge which is passed on to my clients.”


“My main goal is to produce “World Class Murals and wall finishes”…meaning visitors and/or art critics from anywhere in the world will recognize this art as the highest quality. I go a long way to maintain my reputation as one of California’s leading artists for my clients. This is a triple win for both myself, my clients and the viewer.”

Mediums fluent in include

Oil, acrylics, marble plasters, pastels, gold leaf, mixed media and wood. I produce custom landscape murals that are matched to the desires of my clients. I also continue to produce and exhibit fine artist paintings in oils, acrylics, pastels, mixed media and many new emerging art techniques.

Trick The Eye Mural of Adobe Spanish Mission entrance to garden

Spanish Mission Garden mural

Landscape Theme
Commercial and Public Murals
Ocean/Beach Theme
Trompe L’oeil
Children’s Murals