Children’s Murals


Kid’s murals are always fun to paint…for them and for the artist. They get such joy from their room transformation that you can’t help but feel grateful afterword.

Humpty Dumpty kids Mural San Diego Carlsbad Solana Beach North County
Humpty Dumpty Mural

Whale mural
Blowing Bubbles mural art
Blowing Bubbles

Mexican Restaurant Murals and Faux Wall Treatments San Diego by artist Rik Erickson

Close up Flying Pelicans San Diego Mural

Swimming Turtle on Ceiling by Rik Erickson in San Diego, California mural
Underwater Turtle on ceiling

Winnie The Pooh
Winnie The Pooh
Monkeys in Tree
Monkeys in Tree

Island Village Scene
Island Village Scene


Red airplane mural
Red airplane

Beach Scene mural
Beach Scene

Killer Whale mural mural San Diego Southern California

Mickey and Minnie
Mickey and Minnie

Whale mural
Whale mural

Children Of Promise Mural

Children Of Promise mural
Children Of Promise

I had the honor of painting this mural on canvas and donating it to an orphanage located in Tijuana, Mexico. It is called NINO de la PROMESA….(CHILDREN OF PROMISE).

Ninos de la Promesa is a Nonprofit Organization in Tijuana, Baja California.

 This orphanage was created to rescued kids off the streets in Tijuana, Mexico. Most of these kids come from dangerous streets and abandoned by family. It is run by Tyler and Connie Youngkin who volunteer there time and lives to help street children.

It shows children being led along the beach by Pegasus and holding onto a purple ribbon. Sixteen different animals were hidden for them to find including two monkeys, snake, gecko, woodpecker, frog, armadillo, mouse, dolphins, whale, seagull. In the photo above are some of the little kids that the center helps to stay healthy and safe.

Ninos de la Promesa is an orphanage that was created to rescued kids off the streets in Tijuana, Mexico. Most of these kids come from dangerous streets and abandoned by family. Below is a brief quote from their site and a clue about the importance of their work.


Magic Forest

In this children’s mural the client wanted a mural over the entire room painted in a “Magic Forest” theme for his 4 and 5 year little girls. He wanted a unicorn by a waterfall, magic mushrooms, butterflies, hot air balloons and lastly, fairies. I suggested that we make the fairies as his little girls to which one wanted a “rainbow dress”…and the other a “purple and pink dress.” He also wanted the mural as a memory for his kids and wanted them to still treasure it as they got older… even into their teens. This meant with more sophistication than a baby mural…I came up with this “Story of the Magic Forest” with a faerie tree, cottage in the woods, etc. Mom and dad are waiting outside the cottage while the nanny is by the door welcoming them in. Sprites and misc. other items were added also later.

MAgic Forrest 007

Children's Mural

Lion Mural

Nemo Scene 2

Nemo 3


Children’s murals are painted after meeting with parents and finding out all of the movies, superheroes, etc. that the boy or girl loves. Next we discuss the budget and if all walls are to be “Muralized”…or just one accent wall. We might also decide to paint a little bit more of a sophisticated mural for when the child grows older and can still appreciate the artwork.


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