How to pick a good artist?

Like you would any professional. You would check photos of his past work. Also History & Credentials, References,
Letters of Recommendation from past clients and Professional Memberships should be checked.

What makes you different from other artists?

I have been an professional artist for over 35 years and have gone through most of my “mistakes phase”.
Over the years I’ve learned about the proper paints to use, proper design principals, color mixing & coordination.
Also, I have a high level of quality and attention to detail…You might call me a perfectionist.
I also give my clients a lot of extras simply because they are my clients and they get the best.

What type of paint do you use?

Generally, I use water-based, odorless, non-toxic acrylic paints and glazes.
If the project calls for it, oil paints, glazes or mixed media may be appropriate.
On faux projects, there is a wide variety of media used including marble dust plaster, Venetian Plaster, color glazes, tints,
walnut shells, etc.

Can you paint a mural on wood panels or on a canvas?

Yes. Canvas would then be applied like a wallpaper or tacked and framed onto the wall.
These are both good solutions for restaurants or other places where it’s more
convenient and does not disrupt the site.

Do you work with interior designers or architects?

I work with many designers and if you need one I can make a recommendation.
Many times this is preferred for the betterment of the project…
Colors can be coordinated and/or ideas added to the project.

Are the murals washable?

Yes, with light warm soapy water. They are also non-toxic to children.

I have a limited budget, can you still help me?

I can usually design a mural or work with the client on a budget
if I am told up front what I have to work with.

Should I move furniture?

Yes. Any valuables, statues, etc. should be moved before I get to the site.
I will help with this if need be but will need a signed waiver in case of
breakage, etc.

Will you paint a mural or faux paint like I saw at a restaurant?

Your mural should be unique. I will get the feel of another mural
that you like and design an original mural based on that idea but all
art is copyrighted and federally protected. Faux or wall treatments
are fine though and can be re-created.

I know exactly what I want. Will you paint it?

Depends…within limits and within my area of style that should be no problem.
I might offer ideas or possible additions or improvements as well.

Start with a plan, but be open to inspiration. Think about what you might want, and where you want it. Theme or concept, budget, scope, time lines and potential obstacles.

Questions to consider are :

1. What is the desired impact?

2. Who is the intended audience?

3. Do you have a certain color scheme to adhere to? ( Wall colors, etc.)

4. What theme are you going for? (Italian Tuscany, French Provincial, Children’s room, etc.)

5. Do you have an interior designer to coordinate with?

6. Do you have architectural elements that you want incorporated into the design?


The more information, the better. It can save an enormous amount of time and indecision if the client tears pictures and ideas out of MAGAZINES and other sources of reference.

This will save us time also when it comes to begin work. This will also help clarify the design in the clients mind as well.


Landscape Theme
Commercial and Public Murals
Ocean/Beach Theme
Trompe L’oeil
Children’s Murals