On this page you will find a variety of projects inspired by the Norman Rockwell style of paintings. These are old school types of art painted in a vintage 1950’s era type of artwork and mural.

Blowing Bubbles mural art

Blowing Bubbles

Dog Licking Ice Cream

Dog Licking Ice Cream

Little Boy riding tricycle in mural San Diego

Little Boy riding tricycle

Jeff Verlaque Close up Ramona, CA.

Jeff Verlaque Close up

Firetruck Mural marching girl and big bike by Rik Erickson in San Diego, California


Ma and Pa mural

Ma and Pa in the Park

Balloon Boy mural

Balloon Boy

Kitten in Window

Kitten in Window

Firehouse Mural in Ramona by Rik Erickson San Diego, California

Firehouse Mural in Ramona

climbing man on ladder trick the eye trompe l'oeil norman rockwell

Climbing Man

Firetruck Parade mural

Firetruck Parade mural