July 19, 2016

Ocean/Beach Theme



Ocean Beach Mural through Trompe L'oeil window painted by mural artist Rik Erickson of Murals Fantastic in San Diego, California

Ocean Beach Mural through Trompe L’oeil window

Tourmaline Surf Park

Located in Pacific Beach, a subdivision of San Diego, California, lies this popular surf park and local landmark by the sea. I took several shots on my visit there and then developed a nice composition in Photoshop. This design work is the most important part since this eventually becomes the mural. After projecting the design on the wall and sketching in the outlines and basic colors I begin blocking in large areas, followed by painting in the details.

Tropical Mural

Sharp hospital, located in San Diego, commissioned a mural for the courtyard of
the Intensive Care unit. The theme is an ocean view mural with a warm, tropical touch. Also included were faux-marble treatments to the columns and two Trompe L’oeil (trick the eye) windows.


A nice collection of various beach and ocean themed murals

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mural by Rik Erickson in San Diego, California

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