How does mural and Faux pricing work and what are the costs?

There is a $2,500 minimum on all mural projects. Although each project is unique, here is a basic guide for the average client. I always try to work with a clients budget.

A wall mural quote is based on a price per square foot that can range from as low as $15 for simple graphics…. and up to $85 for “Mona Lisa’ quality.


1. Level of detail involved within the square foot area.

2. How large the wall area is and if any prep work is needed.

3. Scaffolding or special equipment needed and condition of wall surface.

4. Does the project require a lot of research and pre-sketches?

5. Is night work involved or a tight time schedule?

6. Is a UV protective clear-coat required, Anti-Graffiti coat?


Email me pictures of the area to be painted along with any ideas you may have. Also the purpose or reason for a mural. I can also come up to the site to measure and discuss.

We will brainstorm ideas you may want, colors, budget, deadlines, and any other thoughts you have.


Sketches are important and are what the client, OK’s before the mural begins. These are at $75 per hr. with a time estimate given.

Complicated murals need a computer rendering or sketch before any work begins. (The more thought that goes into a mural-the better the mural looks). Murals make a statement that will last for many years so it’s a good idea to look good for others. Murals also quickly show others how high your standards are and what you think of yourself, home or business.

I will Draw up sketches and/or computer renderings but If a simple pencil sketch is done, there is no fee.

This eliminates doubts as to what the final mural resembles and any changes can be made before the actual full size mural begins.


After you approve the sketch rendering, the contract is signed and a starting time is scheduled. There is a deposit required and a payment schedule will be arranged.

I am on a “First come/First served” basis and a reserve time slot is required because of the number of requests. No jobs are scheduled without a deposit and written contract.


Anything under 100 sq. ft. is considered a painting. Whereas murals often have large areas with few details (sky, water, etc.), paintings are much more concentrated in details per sq. inch and are more complicated to paint.

Style-wise, they can range from ABSTRACT to IMPRESSIONISTIC to HYPER-REALISTIC.

Landscape Theme
Commercial and Public Murals
Ocean/Beach Theme
Trompe L’oeil
Children’s Murals